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APPLY NOW- Canada Opens Application Portal For 1 Million Immigration Entry Level VISA Applications (2018-2020)


One of the hallmarks of the Canadian Immigration system, and Canadian Society as a whole is that we value prospective immigrants like you and your family. We bring hardworking people into our country and reward them with Canadian Permanent Residence (PR). A Canadian PR Card, which is similar to a US Green Card, allows the holder to live anywhere in Canada and work in any job they wish. It is also a gateway to Canadian Citizenship!

Free Online Canadian Immigration Assessment

Please ensure you provide all requested details to ensure an accurate evaluation
This free online assessment, like all forms on this site, asks you to provide personally identifying information. We will use the information you provide to fulfill your requests for Canadian immigration help and/or advice, confirm your identity, and contact you from time-to-time regarding related services which you may be interested in.

Choose Your Evaluation Form

Skilled workers and professionals can qualify with this form: Federal and Quebec Skilled Worker, Provincial Nominee, Federal Self-Employed and Canadian Experience Class.
Invest in your future by investing in Canada. This form is for the Federal and Quebec Investor, and Entrepreneur programs.
Fill this form for family class sponsorship.

Your Personal Profile

Include Country code and City code

The country of your citizenship
Click the Application box to Submit

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  1. I get my master 2 graduation and i am so interessed by immigration

  2. Interested

  3. Halil Ergun KARAALİOGLU

    Medical Doctor(specialist-Neuroradialogist) from Turkey-İzmr

  4. i am a psychologist

  5. I am a person who like Canada to live in and I want to get a good life like as any person in the wold

  6. im intrested to live in canada with my family my dear pls send me more information.

  7. I want to immigrate to Canada. I hope you will accept me as a migrant.

  8. Mohammad Samany Yousuf

    I am Mohammad S. Yousuf, 41 yrs old. I had completed my bachelor degree in BBA major in ‘Management Information System’ from Philippine in the yr 2000. I have almost 10 years working experience in the managerial levels based on accounting and finance in my country. My elder sister (first blood) is a Canadian citizen since last 10 yrs living in Toronto, Ontario. My IELTS score is 6. I am married with having two kids. So, pls, my question is, in which section in migration program am I eligible for Toronto, Ontario ? Express Entry/PNP ?Expecting a very good and a proper suggestion for me pls…….. thank u.

  9. hizbullah Afghanistan jalalabad
    Here’s a fight. Islam has destroyed state-owned outdoor houses. We do not have resources to live in the lives of everyday people. I’m a nurse that I want to go to Canada. I hope you find migration

  10. I want joining canda army if
    you will accept me as a migrant.
    I have a nepal army and britsh army requrment tranin

  11. I am Islamudin raahi from kunduz province Afghanistan graduated from high school in high degree as well as studied english language international system ( IRC ) and able to speak turkish languag, my skill and profession is tailor i wrked as a tailor with deffirent organizations.
    Hope you do confirm my skill and abilities get me asylum in your coutry.

    Thanks for your cooperation

  12. Khwaja Nawid Kosha

    I want to immigrate to Canada. I hope you will accept me as a migrant.

  13. I have been educated and trained in Fiji. I’m a Certified builder by trade and have also attained three different work disciplines. One of the is Air conditioning, Refrigeration, Electrical, Sewerage and Treatment plant.

    I now live and work in the Cooks/Rarotonga.

    I’m 48 years old and have 2 grown girls and am married.

    I do wish to migrate to your country.

    Can you please direct me to the correct place

    Thanks, Tomson Wong

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