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EXPOSED!!!: See list of 12 famous Illuminati members in Nigeria

Many Nigerian celebrities are often reported to be Illuminati members. This secret society keeps on recruiting many famous and influential people around the world. Prominent Nigerian musicians, singers, producers, and actors are not an exception. Owing to such a policy, Illuminati members in Nigeria can totally control the society. This article will shed light at 12 prominent Illuminati members in Nigeria.

For many Nigerians, the way Illuminati recruit celebrities from all over the world is still a secret. From time to time, various Nigerian mass media inform that some celebrities might have become Illuminati members.

So, let us have a closer look at top 12 famous Illuminati celebrities in Nigeria.

Charly boy







A prominent Nigerian publisher, singer, and producer, Charly Boy, is undoubtedly one of the most notable celebrities in Nigeria. He is also one of the most controversial entertainers in Africa. Charly Boy has never hidden his loyalty to Illuminati. The fantastic singer always tries to show that Illuminati members control all the life in Nigeria. Moreover, Illuminati adores him to be their faithful member. Both Charly Boy`s performances and lifestyle make his admirers follow their beloved idol in everything. His cousin, the celebrated singer Dr. Alban also supports Illuminati.

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