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Breaking: President Buhari will be back soon – Aisha Buhari

Aisha, the wife of President Muhammadu Buhari, is happy and has raised the hope of her husband’s victory over death.

She restored hope to Nigerians of their leader’s imminent return from London where he is currently recuperating.

The country, has since Monday, been agog over the Facebook posting of Aisha’s vivid picture of hope for the nation to have its President back on the seat.

Aisha Buhari’s post which was predicated on that of Senator Shehu Sani is a clear indication that God had answered Nigerians’ prayers for the quick recovery of her husband.

Aisha who is currently in London to nurse her husband said: “God has answered the prayers of a weaker animal; the Hyenas and Jackals would soon be sent out of the kingdom.’’

“We strongly believe in the prayers and support of the weaker animals.

“Long live the weaker animals, long live Nigeria,’’ she posted.

Her post was a direct response to that of Senator Shehu Sani (APC Kaduna Central).

The senator said that while “weaker animals” were praying for the return of “Lion King,” those he called “the hyenas” and “the jackals” were scheming based on the assumption that the “Lion King” would never return.

“Prayer for the absent Lion King has dwindled. Until he’s back, then they will fall over each other to be on the front row of the palace temple.

“Now, the hyenas and the jackals are scheming and talking to each other in whispers; still doubting whether the Lion King will be back or not.

“Now, the Lion King is asleep and no other dares to confirm if he will wake up or not.

“It is the wish of the hyenas that the Lion King never wakes up or come back so that they can be kings.

“It is the prayers of the weaker animals that the Lion King comes back to save the kingdom from the hyenas, the wolves, and other predators.”

Many Nigerians have taken to Twitter to comment on the posts, including Kemi Ariyo who tweeted, “From Aisha Buhari’s reply to Shehu Sani, it appears President Buhari will be back soon.’’

93.5 FM‏ tweeted that “Aisha Buhari Hints on President Buhari’s Recovery.’’

Datboyjerry said: “NEWS ALERT: The Queen of the Kingdom, Aisha Buhari assured that when the King returns, all hyenas & jackals will be flushed’’.

“Wailers are accusing Aisha Buhari of calling Nigerians animals. This spirit of mischievousness, how far do you want it to take you?’’ ZahrahMusa‏ tweeted.

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