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Iraqi Army storms last ISIS hideouts in Mosul city

After scoring huge gains in Mosul yesterday, Iraqi forces proceeded to storm the northern sector of the largely ISIS-held Old City, known as the Bab Sinjar area, where deadly close-quarter combat is taking place as we speak.

With the battle for Mosul slowly nearing its end, the Rapid Response Division, Counter Terrorism Units, 9th Division and Iraqi Federal Police have been tasked with liberating the entire Old City neighborhood and southern part of the Al-Shafaa neighborhood, the last two residential areas in Iraq’s second largest city that remain under Islamic State control.

Meanwhile, the Iraqi troops stationed in the newly liberated Al-Zanjili neighborhood uncovered a large ISIS rocket factory which had served to produce shells, munitions and homemade anti-tank missiles from rearguard jihadist-held positions for many months:

On the other hand, Amaq Agency claimed Islamic State snipers shot dead 9 Iraqi soldiers in the Al-Zinjili neighborhood on Sunday.

Given the current rate of advance, the Iraqi Armed Forces are expected to completely liberate Mosul city within a fortnight.

Once this military campaign is concluded, tens of thousands of government soldiers will be freed up for offensives elsewhere in the country, ultimately looking to defeat the Islamic State in Iraq once and for all.

Apart from Mosul, ISIS militants are still holding out in the Hawija pocket, Tal Afar pocket, western Anbar and western Nineveh along the border with Syria.

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