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Is Uber a tech or taxi company?

Uber has been branded a transport company rather than a tech company by an EU official, a decision which has the potential to set a precedence for the way it is regulated across Europe.

An advisor to the European Court of Justice today issued the opinion in a long-running court case brought by Spanish taxi drivers.

The decision, which is non-binding legally but foreshadows an official ruling, means regulation of Uber can be decided by each country as transport laws are decided by member states. If it had been considered a digital service, different rules would apply across the bloc.

Uber has been deemed “undoubtedly transport” siding with cabbies who believe it should be subject to the same rules as the taxi industry.

The case was escalated to the ECJ in November, when Uber argued it is a digital service. “This case should show that European laws fully support the development of a Digital Single Market,”

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